The Howling Man

by American Rifle

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Mixed and mastered by Tory Bader
Album art courtesy of Jack & Hannah Film and Photography
All songs written by Jonathan Mueller and Lukas Weiss
Please enjoy


released August 8, 2014



all rights reserved


American Rifle San Diego, California

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Track Name: A Flag on the Sun
When I was a young boy
I made a plot to cover the sun
And when the whole world cried out to me for mercy
I'd make them pay for the awful things they had done
It was simple, elementary
You bring the cash and I'll give you a piece of my treasure
It was foolproof, It was easy
It was written in me since the moment of conception

I am the child of man
The boy who blotted out the sun
I created the daylight
And I will dictate when daylight is done

All hail the throne forever
Bow down, stay away
All the weeping and gnashing of teeth outside
Should never enter this holy place
Set the boundaries, mark the regions
Keep them separate, keep them distant
I am one step from taking back everything
That I so graciously gave back to you at a discount

I am the child of man
The boy who blotted out the sun
I created the daylight
And I will dictate when daylight is done.
Track Name: This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse
Watching the sunset from behind a cellar door
I watch the moon rise out of the night
I watch the fog roll from out of the trees
It's a magical night
Such a magical evening
Ghost's and Ghoul's and Goblin's
And the creatures from the deep
Crawl out from underneath the floorboards
They cut and tear, they have their way with me

And I watch my body rot from this severed head
Thats rolling out the door
Give it a week or two they'll find my body
Wrapped around the trees

Suddenly everything turns and laughs
Slow like hysterical machines
These walls are shaking
This room is warped
It seems like I'm falling apart at the seams

We are the things that were
And shall be again
We live still.
Track Name: Blue Tongue
I was 13 years old the first time that I tried
Wrapped my head in a bag and I tied it on tight
So there I sat waiting, pretending to die
No I wasn't quite ready, I just cried and I cried
And I undid the knots, and I put the bag off
And I couldn't quite speak, twisted open the locks
Then I heard a voice screaming, it was inside my head
It said "son, you aren't ready for this."

I was too young to be a killer
I was too close to my mother's womb

Well I've been having this dream
The same one every time that I close my eyes
Yes, I die every night
It starts with me waking up all alone
There I am in the kitchen, till i notice something's wrong
There is blood on the carpet, blood on the couch
It runs out to the pavement, it starts in my mouth
It keeps running and running from the back of my throat
Then it stops and suddenly I choke

Oh my god, I've been waiting for this moment
I've been waiting for this moment my whole life

And sometimes things don't work out right
Sometimes I just can't get it right, not tonight, not tonight
Track Name: Howl
I watched you fall
Out from the sky
In the black of night
You were a brush stroke of white light

And down you fell
Landed in my arms
With your perfect eyes
You were pure, you were true, you were strong

And I felt love for the first time like rushing waters run
I felt your hands interlocked with mine

I'm looking at my hands
And I look back at yours
Why are mine so stained, and burned, and blistered, and torn

You see that was then
And this is now
Since the days of the fall
I have learned to shrink back, I've learned to howl

But I need you, under water, your the air that fills my lungs
You were my queen, could you still be

So sleep well darling, and don't dream of me tonight
Maybe when morning comes you'll walk among the sunlight and the trees
They'll take you far from me.

I'm scared, I'm scared, I've lost all sense of direction
The 76 bows and bends, my eyes are still closed
My hands are getting tired, the wheel slips away
This is it, this is it, que sera, sera

Que sera, sera